Crochet Fern Leaf

Thursday, January 28, 2016

These darling fern leaves are my favorite thing! How dainty and unique do these babies look?! They are so simple to make too! All you need is some merino yarn in green hues, or just use your favorite colors! I used a thinner yarn, but if you really want, I'm sure a chunkier thickness could technically work as well. Just keep in mind they won't be as small. The hook I had for these was a size 5.00mm crochet hook.

I can't take credit for designing this very pattern; I found them online one day from Attic 24. Follow the steps she gives in her post. It's very helpful! However, I did have to tweak the process some while making them because I believe that depending on what materials you happen to be using, the leaf can be uneven on the second side when mirroring the side chains. I had to change the number of chains you create in between each individual leaf (slip stitching up the main stem or foundation chain) from what she has (which is two slip stitches) to 3 or 4 depending on whether it mirrors the other side evenly. Hopefully that makes sense! 

And if you have never crocheted before, I suggest you practice the slip stitch and chaining before you jump into this! It seems somewhat confusing at first but it comes together quite nicely if you have the hang of it. Happy crocheting! And let me know in the comments if you tried it!

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