Spring Skin Care

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warmer weather is on its way and this calls for protecting and nourishing your skin and body. And for me, keeping my skin, lips, nails, and hair well taken care of makes for a happier me! My skin can get very dry in patches on my face and also around my knuckles and elbows. It's not attractive and it can feel uncomfortable, so I need something to exfoliate and moisturize those areas. Keeping up with it is not bad, but these products are ready for on-the-go touch ups when I am out and need to reapply quickly. Also, this nude pink nail color seems to be the in thing at the moment, and I am definitely agreeing. Anyway, here is a short list of what I'm using this spring, and plan on continuing re-stocking my online cart up with when I'm all out:

SOUL SUNDAY positive seeds  x  green tea
This oh so buttery soft lip + skin balm is just the thing for my chapped, distressed lips. When applied, the green tea flavor just the right amount and the lightly scented essential oils are heavenly. Gotta be my go to balm from now on.
You can find it both here and here (on sale)

NUTIVA coconut oil + Indigo Marble Bowl
Coconut is one of the world's most nourishing superfoods. It's pretty all-purpose in that it can be used for sautéing, baking, and body care. If a product has this on its label, you can be sure it will help your skin. Sometimes instead of using lotions, I grab a dab of coconut oil and it does the trick. My knuckles and elbows look considerably better when I've helped myself to it.
I almost forgot! This stunning indigo marbled bowl by the talented Jenny Rijke was given to me for winning her recent giveaway. I adore how unique it is! Makes for a great little dish to spoon out my coconut oil.
You can find the coconut oil here and Jenny's bowl here

HERBIVORE beach wave hair mist x coconut and sea salt
In Herbivore Botanicals own words: "Sea Mist Hair Spray is formulated with the same salinity as Pacific Ocean saltwater. This spray is great for adding beachy texture and waves to hair naturally."

In this photo, I had curled my hair with a curling iron, yes, but it took me close to 8 minutes. There was already that lift I was looking for after spritzing a few salty sprays. And listen to me right now: The smell is killer good. I already love coconut scent but this dreamy sea salt spray has an irresistible coconutty scent that I just want to smell everyday. Like smelling the beachy sea air on vacation when you first arrived. It's great, then, for freshening up midday or evening. Mmmm.
You can find it here

REVLON colorstay gel envy x perfect pair
My mom actually picked this color out one day for a vacation and I instantly fell in love with the subtle blush hue. It's my favorite for when I don't know what color to wear on my nails but I need them to look polished. In addition, the colorstay gel envy top coat is equally helpful in guaranteeing a long lasting finish.
You can find it here

REVLON pumice stone 
Best for exfoliating the bottoms and heels of feet, this stone can be lathered up with soap and rubbed gently on any rough areas. I use it for my elbows too, if they're really looking dry. The stone is natural and gentle so don't be mislead by it's name.
You can find it here

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