Calling All Vintage Lovers

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tarnished brass, gold lockets, yellowy film photos, old books with fonts that were long forgotten, delicate lace and long evening gowns, beautiful pottery, millinery, and the decades of clothing. . . 
These are a few of my favorite things! Today I want to mention a good deal of my most loved and admired shops that sell the pretty things of past times. There's quite a few I will list here but I'm sure I haven't even began to make a dent in the many wonderful companies! But I hope this post serves as a way to share my interest in vintage items, and showcase my little collection too!

One of the top shops I always visit first is the wonderful world that Rodellee Bas has created in Portland, Oregon. She owns a gorgeous brick studio where she repairs and then resells vintage clothing and home goods. I love her happy and fun spirit that is felt through her words, photos, and life. One day I wish so much to meet her!

Not exactly a vintage shop at first glance, Mur Lifestyle is still a lovely dose of timeless goods for the simple home. From tableware to tools, my eyes remain glued to the earthy feel and elegance.

Definitely one for all the wedding feels, Gossamer has some of the most stunning gowns and garments I could ever wish to own. 

This fun 50s-ish vintage shop hails from sunny Austin, Texas. The outfits are simple and unique, and oh so cute!

Curating gorgeous light and bright photos of handcrafted goods and vintage clothes, this Philly store is perfect for "the modern romantic" as they tell us. And oh so true! The clothing pieces could make anyone look and feel amazing!

And on the list, we have a colorful California traveling van known as Blossom! How exciting to travel from city to city and meet people who share the same love for vintage! Also, for new customers, is a twenty percent off code in their Instagram bio!

This vintage boutique combines two of my most favorite things in this world: vintage and florals. Annnnd, there shop is located in England! Maybe not so great for shipping costs but I am enthralled with their items and sweet feminine aesthetic!

Muted tans, browns and blues here! Such lovely simple pieces that get re-tagged too. 

Thoughtfully styled photography and world travels make Barnaby Jack so great. They have a more 70s boho vibe that captures the essence of minimal and vintage.

A Michigan shop that showcases gowns with a wow factor. Each piece tells a story and grabs your eye!

Tales of a vintage shop owner's life plus clothing and accessories that seem to come straight out of a movie! Along with having womens' items, they also have a quality menswear section from the 40s to the 80s.

An Etsy shop dedicated to sell mainly home goods, Five Clementines is the perfect spot for small gifts and fun finds!

That's all I got for now... What's your favorite vintage shop? What is your most favorite vintage items? I would love to know! Share in the comments below.

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