DIY: Poinsettia Christmas Trees

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Here is the perfect DIY just in time for the holidays! My mother and I roamed the Christmas sections in two different stores recently and found that the trend was trees with different materials for leaves. There was a felt tree, twine trees, and knitted trees! I love how unique you can get with a tree; it doesn't even have to be the main tree in the living room! That's why these guys are perfect for the table. Just a heads up: I painted the styrofoam before I put on the poinsettias to hide the stark white against the gold. So, do that and let them dry first! Otherwise, check it out and let me know if you love this idea!

What you'll need:
+ Poinsettia Bouquet (Dollar Store)
+ Styrofoam Cones (Micheal's)
+ Flat head pins
+ Scissors
+ Glue Gun (if necessary)
+ Paint to match Poinsettia

Step 1:
Start cutting each leaf off of the stem, being careful to cut as close to edge as possible. This allows for maximum size of leaf!

Step 2:
Next, begin carefully arranging poinsettia leaves with the flathead pins. As each one goes on, place the leaf a small portion overtop of the one below to hide gaps. Continue this step until you reach the top of the styrofoam tree, making sure all areas are covered.

And this is what it should look like:

If you want a tree top decoration, just cut off the sparkly middle of the poinsettia stem and superglue on the top of your tree. It makes it look complete and festive!

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