Melissa and the Sunflowers

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Best friend? Check. Sunflower field? Check. Quick photo shoot? Check! Who doesn't love a field of flowers? Especially gigantic gold flowers of sunshine. I knew this would be the perfect outing to escape the house, teaming up with my friend Melissa and my other best friend, my sister, Savanna. Only one dollar and each of us went on a search to find the best looking stalk of yellow in the place. Guess who found the heaviest of them all? Savanna — I don't know how — cut the biggest one that day. We even all took turns holding it. This one shown above, easily masking Savanna's face, is the one — in all its shining glory.

I also snapped a few smiles of Melissa while we were there because the experience was just so fun. She just radiates that same golden happiness of the sunflowers. I love her and I love this day!

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