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Friday, July 08, 2016

I'm happy to say that this attempt to try calligraphy worked, after practicing a bit. I just used what I had at the time and that was a charcoal pencil and normal printer paper. My hopes for a small journal to document my botanical discoveries include some sort of an old leather wrap sketchbook that will  allow me to press samples inside, sketch/paint the plant, and/or write a few notes about each. 

Currently, I have an itching to learn the skill of writing beautifully with pen and ink and to coffee/tea stain my pages to give them a more aged feel. As well as this, a new hobby has sparked my interest: impressionist painting. If I could start painting with acrylics to create some wispy flowers, I might be content... I also bought my first ever calligraphy pen and nib set, which I can't wait to try! For now, I'll be reading a new book I found at the library and scribbling away, practicing my handwriting. So, I'd say I'm keeping myself busy.

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