Floral Journal: Crown Vetch

Friday, June 24, 2016

Crown Vetch
~ herbaceous perennial in the pea family
~ tough and aggressive, as it is an invasive species growing in fields, grasslands, and roads
~ pink + white flowers in early summer to late fall
~ pretty difficult to eradicate once planted: solution could be to plant on high bank or to pot it separately in your garden

I couldn't resist just selecting a few samples after seeing this beautiful plant one day, and my mother suggested using dry rooting powder to produce some roots for later planting. Using this rooting hormone, it is possible to grow roots from cuttings. Just dip the freshly cut stem in the powder and place in water! 
In keeping with the idea that I want to start a floral journal, I thought I'd start sketching the botanicals and book pressing them, that is if they are not too large and elaborate. That way I either have a drawing or a dried pressed keep safe! I still don't have a tangible journal/notebook as of yet, but I am on the look out for the perfect one; I'm thinking aged leather for the cover... We'll see.

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